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Overloaded salt and nitrates in a dairy lagoon

New Salt and Nitrate Regulations For California Dairies

Dairies In Priority 1 Groundwater Basin Must Comply Immediately

While greenhouse gas reduction may not be your greatest concern, recently adopted new regulations by the California State Water Board under the Central Valley Salt and Nitrate Control Program to control salt and nitrate impacts should be. If your dairy is located in the Priority 1 Groundwater Basin you will be asked to comply. This includes:

  • Chowchilla
  • Kaweah
  • Kings
  • Modesto
  • Tule
  • Turlock

If your dairy is located in Priority 2 basins found in Yolo, Merced, Kern County (west side south), Tulare Lake, Kern County (Peso), Delta Mendota, Eastern San Joaquin, and Madera, you will be asked to comply in a few years.

CLARA™ by Figure 8 Environmental Can Help You Meet The New Salt And Nitrate Regulations

While environmentalists’ attention have been focused on more effective manure management for reducing greenhouse gases, an equally important feature of our CLARA system is its ability to remove nutrients and salts from flush water used for irrigation purposes.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction, Salt and Nitrate Control, All From One System

  • 50% nitrogen removal from flush water helping the dairy reach nutrient management requirements.
  • Reduced salt loading
  • +60% phosphorus removal from flush water
  • Ability to utilize flush water in drip or pivot irrigation
  • Eliminate the need for separation pits
  • Recycle cleaner flush water back through your flush system – +90% removal of suspended solids from flush water
  • Improved herd health and reduced Somatic Cell Counts with Clarified flush water
  • Reduced animal injury rates caused by slippery buildup from using dirty flush water

CLARA Solves Your Nutrient Management Issues, Improves Animal Health And You Get To Keep Your Flush System..

With all the demands placed on your dairy, it’s reassuring to know that there is one system that can do it all. That’s CLARA from Figure 8 Environmental. All in real-time and without replacing your current flush system with a more expensive scrape system.

Download Our New White Paper Showcasing The Performance of CLARA And See How It Can Make Your Dairy Ready

In the latest scientific study, you can see how CLARA can address both greenhouse gases and salt/nitrate groundwater needs from the same real-time system.

Email us: [email protected]  | Call us: 661 747 5956

Get More Moola With An Early Jump On Your AMMP Grant

How To Win Your 2020 AMMP Grant For Your Dairy

Start Your Application Early. There Is Less Grant Money Available This Year. And Less Time.

You’ve heard about the AMMP grants. And how California dairies have been winning millions of dollars for environmental improvements. It’s a great program, but won’t last forever. In fact, the AMMP grants will be less this year than previous ones.

Dairies that start their grant applications now will stand a better chance of winning.

Start Your Application Right away. Call Us At 661 381 6980. We can help.

Get working on your AMMP grant application today! The team at Figure 8 Environmental is ready to help a select group of California dairies to win AMMP grants. It’s not easy if you don’t know how. It’s super easy if you call us to help. We still have a few slots available. Don’t delay.

Win, Win and Win Some More:

There are so many ways to win with a free AMMP grant from the State of California.

Here are just a few:

Win #1 – Get AMMP Grant Application Help (From Figure 8 Environmental)

You’ll need a tight plan that says the right things. We’ve done it before. We can do it for you.

Win #2 –Keep Your Flush System And Make It Better – Best Of All, The State Will Pay For It

A lot of people will tell you to retire your flush system and go with scraping. We’ve got a better way with CLARA – our state of the art dairy manure and water clarification system.

Win #3 – Get Rid Of Those Terrible Separator Pits & Lagoons Without Switching to Scraping

CLARA can process your flush waste at a real time pace. That means no separators, no lagoons. No methane. No fines. And more high-quality nutrient solids and recycled water.

Win #4 – Manage Your Nutrient Problems

Over saturating your dairy’s soil with excess Nitrogen can be a thing of the past with Figure 8’s CLARA.

Win #5 – Get More Cows Per Acre

Less Nitrogen in irrigation water. Improved nutrient management. The State of California loves that. And you can get more cows per acre.

Win #6 – Turn Your Manure Problem Into A Manure Profit Center

CLARA produces high quality nutrient solids compared to standard compost. And lots of it. Use it on your own farm or sell it to your neighbors at a premium price.

Win #7 – Get a Handle On Your Water Conservation Problem

CLARA clarifies your dirty flush water fast. You will be able to reuse it instantly in your flush system or for irrigation… even in your pivot or drip irrigation systems. Irrigate more acres with the same amount of water.

Win #8 – Get Rid Of Your Methane/Odor Problems

Figure 8’s CLARA eliminates the biggest sources of methane pollution (AND ODOR) on your dairy… large separation pits and lagoons.  Get the public and inspectors off your back.

Win #9 – Let Someone Else Do The Heavy Lifting – Like Us

That’s where we come in. Your Figure 8 team. We can engineer it. Write up the grant proposal. Build it. Run it. All or part of it. Your choice. Whatever works best for you.

Sounds like a lot of wining. You bet. More than we can talk about in an email.

Click here to set up an appointment with Figure 8 and get your application started right away. Let us show you how to be an AMMP Winner.

We are only taking on a few new clients this year. Give us a call so you don’t miss out on this important opportunity for your dairy.

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Announcing CLARA™ The New Manure Separation and Nutrient Management System From Figure 8 Environmental

Announcing CLARA™ The New Manure Separation and Nutrient Management System From Figure 8 Environmental

If you are a dairy owner in California, there are five big events coming up that you should know about.

  • New regulations are coming and getting more powerful. Reduction of salts, tighter control on huge manure ponds and more focus on waste water runoff will be impacting the operation and profitability of your dairy.
  • Here’s the good news. The State of California will assist you with state grants for addressing those manure management issues.
  • More good news. You can take the steps to meet the new regulations and actually make a profit.
  • And here’s the best news. We’re here to help you get those grants, build and run the operations on your dairy and help you generate more profits.

The brochure for CLARA provides you with the benefits of system for California dairies looking for manure management.

Download Your Clara Brochure – CLARA_Brochure_Fig-8_rev-6_lr

  • And here’s the best news. We’re here to help you get those grants, build and run the operations on your dairy and help you generate more profits.
Dairy Summit in Sacramento

Figure 8 To Exhibit At Dairy Summit in Sacramento

Figure 8 To Exhibit At Dairy Summit in Sacramento, November 27th to 28th

Upgrade Your Dairy’s Manure Management System With An AMMP Grant

Figure 8 would like to invite you to stop by our booth at the Summit so we may introduce our Nutrient Management Flush Water Management System that will help you stay in compliance with the Air Resources Board and the RWQCB. Our system is designed to quickly separate manure solids from flush water, giving you the ability to quickly recycle clean flush water back to your operation or onto your fields. Our system is designed to remove in excess of +90% phosphorus and up to 50% nitrogen from your flush water helping you maintain field health. In addition, immediate water treatment eliminates the need for separation pits, significantly reduces lagoon size requirements, and cuts down water consumption.

With the new Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) regulations set to kick in the near future, it is in your best interest to act now.

The Figure 8 Nutrient Management Flush Water Management System has already received AMMP Funding.

We should be able to help you obtain funding for a system on your dairy.

Here is a video of a flush dairy operation that utilizes our system:

Robinway Dairy Video

If you are not attending and would like to received further information, please contact us.

See you at the Summit.

Here’s more information on the Summit:

AMMP Grants For 2019

AMMP Grants Coming Back For 2019

If You Missed The AMMP Grants in 2018, Don’t Worry.

We’ll Help You Submit Your AMMP Application for 2019.

This California program provides financial assistance for dairies who are looking to improve their manure management practices. Last year, 58 dairies were awarded over $33 million dollars to engineer and install state-of-the-art manure digesters that reduce greenhouse admissions, recycle manure and water and help to reduce pollutions from wastewater runoff.

Lot’s Of Improvements By The CDFA

The CDFA is upping their game this year, with expanded guidance for the grant application process. Application workshops start in January of 2019. Grant applications are due in February of 2019.

Be Prepared, With Our Help

With Figure 8 Environmental’s help, you can not only make the application process more concise and less stressful, you can also design a manure management systems that can actually pay for itself. This is an offer too good to pass up.

Reserve Your Spot For Our Hands-On Demo

Be sure to make your reservation for a personal showing of Figure 8 Environmental’s demonstration unit. Space is limited. Call or email use today to secure you position.

New California Dairy Water Quality Requirements

California Is Tightening Up The Regulations. Again.

Water Quality Regulations For CA Dairies Tightens Up

Central Valley Water Quality Control Board Adopts New General Order For California Dairies

Central Valley Water Quality Control Board (RB5) adopted a General Order for Confined Bovine Feeding Operations (R5- 2017-0058).

Waste Discharge Requirements General Order For Confined Bovine Feeding Operations

Click below to download a form detailing the requirements of the general order.

This article by Deanne Meyer of the University of California, Davis provides a very good overview of the dairy operations affected by the order and what to do about it.

The first deadline to file your Notice of Intent with the RB5, is due July 1st, 2018.

Call us at Figure 8 Environmental and find out how we can help. 661 381 6980.


Case Study: Installation at Robinway Dairy

Robinway Dairy in Kiel Wisconsin

Water Quality So Good Your Can Drink It

Dairy Overview:

1700 cows + 350 steers
A flush dairy and their nutrient recovery/flush water management system that utilizes our LWR system
Dairy processes 80,000 gals/day of flush water producing 20 tons/day of manure cake

This video provides a live tour of the 1st Wave System, manufactured by our partner LWR Systems.

1st Wave Unit- Initial Flush Water Treatment

Flush water, after it has gone through a slope screen separator comes into the unit at the bottom left hand corner of the picture and flows as
the arrows point.

Step 1: Slope Screen Separation
Bedding is separated from incoming flush water by slope screen separators. The flush water at that point has a total suspended solids content (TSS) of about 20,000 and it looks like the water that you see in the container to the left in the picture below.

Nutrient Recovery and Flush Water Management

Step 2: Flocculation
Polymer is added to the manure and mixed. The manure now forms large flocs making it easier to separate.

Polymer Added To Flocculation Manure Separator

Manure With Large Flocs For Easier Separation

Floculated Water With Polymers Byproduct

Step 3: Water Separation
The water then travels down a separator screen (from the top left hand corner to the bottom right). At this point, water is separated from the manure and the resulting water looks like the product you see below. It will have a 50% reduction in nitrogen and 99% reduction of phosphorus compared to the initial flush water. This water is ready for pivot, drip irrigation or to be recycled back to your flush system. The need for large lagoons for settling is eliminated as all the manure has been separated out instantly. The virtual total elimination of salts will also help you preserve farm health.

Water Separator

Water That Has Been Separate From Waste

Step 4: Manure Cake Formation
The flocculated manure is squeezed with a rotary press into a “cake”. It contains 99% phosphorus and 50% of nitrogen found in the original flush water. This manure cake can then be used on your farmland or easily trucked to offsite farms.

1st Wave Machine During Manure Cake Formation

Manure Hoisted Into Next Processing Station

Step 5 – 2nd Wave Reverse Osmosis System
If further water clarification is needed, the 2nd Wave Reverse Osmosis (RO) system can be installed. This system will get the flush water back to water for your herds, parlor water or for your fields.

Water Clarification Controls

Clear Water From 2nd Wave System

Step 6: Manure Pellet Processing
For further processing, manure cake can be dried.
Manure Ramp For Cake Station

Manure Dryer For Cake Processing

Manure Cake End Process

Spring Flowers and AMMP Grant Due Date May 22 2018

The CA AMMP Grant Proposal is Due May 23

Figure 8 Can Help You With Making Your Grant Application For This “No-Match” Grant From the CDFA

Time is Running Short

May 22nd is just around the corner. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to address your dairy’s methane capture challenges.

Let Figure 8 Help You Fill Out The Application

Figure 8 Environmental helps California dairies with the manure and methane management. Let us help you submit your Alternative Manure Management Program grant request to pay for the cost of machinery and installation. Don’t wait.

It’s A No-Match Grant – Which Is Great News For You!

This is a “No-Match” grant, which means you don’t need to add your own funds to purchase the equipment. The deadline is coming up soon. Call us today so we can help you put together an award winning grant proposal.

CA Dairy Manure Management Distribution Partnership – LWR And Figure 8 Environmental

CA Dairy Manure Management Distribution Partnership Announced Between LWR & Figure 8 Environmental

TULARE, CA (Feb 13, 2018) – Livestock Water Recycling, Inc. expands its international presence with the announcement of a new strategic partnership with Bakersfield, California based Figure 8 Environmental.

The multi-year partnership represents a significant step towards regenerative dairy farming in California. As of today, the most advanced manure treatment systems available on the market will now be represented in America’s largest dairy producing state. As the only LWR distributor in California, Figure 8 Environmental will now offer the LWR System, that also includes the First Wave nutrient capture and flush water management system.

According to J.R. Brooks, Director of Operations at LWR, the relationship with Figure 8 Environmental will be especially beneficial for California dairy farmers, as the California based company is already well versed the State’s unique set of challenges. “We are very pleased to start this distribution partnership with Figure 8 Environmental,” says Brooks. “They are familiar with the California dairy market and the issues associated with manure management. They are well trusted by the industry and are also knowledgeable in the grant procurement process which is especially important considering that our equipment is a perfect fit for California’s AMMP funding.”

The California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Alternative Manure Management Program (AMMP), provides California dairy producers with access to financial assistance for the implementation of non-digester manure management practices, which will result in reduced greenhouse gas emissions. The program received $99 million from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund in 2017 and plans to allocate between $19-$33 million for the program in 2018.

Figure 8 Environmental CEO Scott Harrison, says innovation is a strong-shared connection between the two companies, a factor that was heavily considered when establishing the partnership. “LWR’s advanced approach to manure treatment makes them a perfect partner for a company like Figure 8, which prides ourselves on providing innovative waste solutions,” says Harrison. Figure 8 Environment and LWR will be providing California dairies with consulting services to submit applications for the AMMP funding grants, due in May of 2018.

“Manure management for dairy farms presents one of the most exciting opportunities available today. We are seeing so much of the dairy’s potential profit flowing away or being hauled off the facility without properly recovering lucrative nutrients or reusing easily recyclable wastewater. LWR’s technology is what the California dairy industry has been waiting for” adds Harrison.

As the global leader in milk production, California dairy farmers are among the most innovative and progressive farmers in the world. By leading the industry in the adoption of forward thinking technologies they will continue to increase milk production and profitability with happier, healthier cows.

“We could not be more excited about this partnership and the opportunity it presents for California dairy farmers” says Brooks. LWR president Ross Thurston has been invited to present an educational seminar later today at World Ag Expo, that will focus on cow comfort and how clean water can improve animal health and welfare, which can result in increased milk production and a better bottom line. The seminar will take place at the Seminar Center, in Trailer Two, at 4pm. Both companies are exhibiting at World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA this week (LWR Booth 6121, Figure 8 Environmental Booth 6213).

About Figure 8 Environmental

Figure 8 Environmental provides a profitable and customizable combination of equipment, installation, management and services required by agricultural, industrial and municipal operations to manage waste and to ensure water quality. They design, build and operate turnkey dairy manure recovery systems that are profitable addition to a dairy’s operations. For more information please visit: or by email to [email protected]

About Livestock Water Recycling, Inc.

LWR is a first-class global manufacturer of manure treatment systems that provide hog, dairy and anaerobic digester operations with patented manure treatment technology to recycle clean water and fertilizer nutrients from livestock manure for reuse at the farm. North America’s leading provider manure treatment systems, the LWR system saves farmers time and money by providing them with a cost-effective solution to manage manure in a sustainable manner. LWR has systems operating throughout Canada and the US. For more information please visit:

About AMMP

The California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Alternative Manure Management Program (AMMP), provides California dairy producers with access to financial assistance for the implementation of non-digester manure management practices, which will result in reduced greenhouse gas emissions. The program received $99 million from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund in 2017 and plans to allocate between $19-$33 million for the program in 2018. Grant applications are expected to be due in May, 2018. For more information please visit:

For more information please contact:
Lisa Fast
5842 – 86TH Avenue SE | Calgary, Alberta | T2C 4L7
t: 403 203 4972 F: 403 730 7989 p: 403-203-4972 e: mailto:[email protected]

CDFA Grant Applications Due Date – Now Extended to October 16th, 2017!

CDFA Grant Applications Are Now Extended to a Due Date of October 16, 2017 For The Alternative Manure Management Program in California

This is a great way to jump start your manure management program at your California Dairy. If you have been on the fence about addressing your dairy’s manure situation, now is the time to hop off that fence and apply for a grant for the Alternative Manure Management Program. AMMP is an excellent opportunity to utilize state assistance. This link: is a great place to start the process.

Take Advantage Of The CDFA Grants While They Available NOW!”

Hurry! Grant applications are now extended to a due date of October 16, 2017.

When The Fines Start Coming, The CDFA Grants Will No Longer Be Available.”